“I actually think if we want equality in this country, if we want women to be treated precisely like men are treated and that they should not be discriminated against, we should be willing to support a universal conscription.”  Said a Congress Representative.

The problem with this quote is it implies we do not have equality.  Then in the next breathe it says men and women should be treated precisely the same, which suggests we are precisely the same.  In a neo-liberal world view where we are all special and unique snowflakes with terms like, cisgender, non-binary gender, gender queer, transsexual, all of which demand different treatment and different pro-nouns from he/she; how can we in the same breathe demand perfectly equal treatment for man and women?

We should settle somethings as we move forward into a world where a transsexual athlete can compete in the Olympics in whatever gender they identify as, regardless of operations or not.  They tried this in MMA and the man-to-female transsexual has completely destroyed every female opponent she has faced.  Is this fair?  Are we prepared to watch women’s world records get shattered?

Men and women are different.  Things like bone structure, bone density, muscle mass, percent bodyfat, and numerous other differences are undeniable.  There is a lot of scientific evidence that women are better at understanding emotion, care-taking, and communication.  While men excel at spatial tasks, and reasoning.  Sure you can’t paint everyone the same because of this, but it does show we have differences across our genders.  Maybe the solution is not to ignore these differences, but to celebrate them.

Man has been breed over thousands of years to fight, to protect, and to kill.  I’m not saying women can’t do this, I’m simply saying they shouldn’t be forced to take up a role they are not adapted to, if they don’t volunteer for it.

I oppose the draft on a basis of freedom anyway.  If you have a moral country that protects it’s people, you will never have problems finding men that are willing to fight and die to protect it.  Vietnam was not a defensive war, thus a draft was needed, and what did we get from it, nothing.  The globalists would love more soldiers to fight their wars, so I only see this bill as them stealing a bit more liberty from the people.