A great ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ shift is underway in societies and cultures around the world.  The status quo is being thrown out and citizens are becoming more welcoming of risk.  As Scott Adams says, risk is a bad when things are going well, but when things are going poorly risk seems to be the more attractive option.  People are finally open to changing the game and introducing some risk, but this pendulum swings both ways; it can swing toward liberty (digital privacy laws, tighter patent laws, removal of cronyism, lower taxes, more independent media outlets, less government control), or it can swing toward authoritarianism (regulated “free speech”, gun grabs, more “super delegates”, higher taxes, and more government control).  So this time in history is incredibly important for all of us, as it will shape the future of our communities, countries, and the world as a whole.

You may think things are going great in America, unemployment is at decade long lows, Obama has a great record on jobs added, and the market has been on the longest bull run in it’s history.  However, this all a question of framing, for example, the average worker is bringing home less money, a lot less when you adjust for inflation.  The number of people IN the workforce is currently at an all time low 62.5%, this is down 3.9% from highs in 2007.  Essentially, we have the same number of people working now (~200 million) that we had in 2007, despite the population growing by 20 million in the same time period.  Real house hold income has also been in decline since 1999.  Most kids than ever are living with their parents even after university education.

Our country is saddled with an insurmountable pile of debt that we have no intention, and likely, no plan of ever paying back.  We don’t produce enough to satisfy our own domestic demand, so we import and now have a large trade deficit.  We get the money to import by selling off our assets.  Most notable of which is several Uranium mines.  In a deal pushed along by the Hillary state department, a Canadian company with mining rights to US Uranium deposits was sold to Russia, giving them an unprecedented control over 20% of the US’s Uranium production capacity. (Read More).

From the Article:

And shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.

The nation is full of corruption, cronyism, life-time politicians that do nothing but look our for their own interests while they carefully gauge how much we’ll let them take from us.  Hillary’s corruption is nothing different from most mainstream politicians that “serve” us today.  We desperately need term limits and an end to cronyism.  Working in government ought to not be a career, but service instead to the voters.  Corruption and wrong doing needs to be held accountable, by and INDEPENDENT Attorney General, not one APPOINTED by the executive branch.


To make a long story short the government itself has failed us.  Politicians are only human and thus they are susceptible to the usual things like greed, glutton, and the thirst for power, that comes along with the human condition.  This was always the case, but in recent years it has become too much for the public to bear.  They’ve taken too much from us, and the mosquito that they are has sucked us dry to the point we have become a weaker, sicker nation.

Through much of the 1900’s the US was an ascending nation.  The US recapitalized the world post WW2 and our industry and manufacturing was the most productive and successful in the world.  That changed and we’ve gone from being an ascending nation to a descending nation.  Where was your phone made, your TV, your washing machines and dryers?  Likely not America.  And if they are an American company there is a good chance 90% of the components are not (ie. Apple phones) or they were nearly fully assembled in Mexico and shipped to the US for final assembly in order to slap that “Made in America” sticker on it.

The Chinese produce amazing phones and micro-electronics and have a near monopoly on chip production because of the scale and volume they can produce at with rock bottom prices.  The South Koreans make some of the most advanced durable goods like refrigerators, and TV’s.  Meanwhile, my mother bought a Whirlpool (American) refrigerator and it was leaking on day 1.  Our manufacturing capability is crumbling and instead of building higher tech and more efficient and advanced factories, we’ve caved to union demands and forced companies to keep workers that don’t perform, and lack the skills needed to compete in the global economy.

But it’s not just economics and government corruption that is causing this change in the psyche of citizens in America and around the world.  The loss of faith in the media is one of the chief reasons for this tidal wave action that will bring sweeping changes to the globe.  Historically the media could control the narrative and write the story to make the public believe anything.  The media likely thinks of themselves as Kingmakers and proudly declare that whoever spends the most on on advertising wins the election (guess who sells advertising airtime).  But that no longer holds true.  In the GOP primary Trump won, with a smaller staff, a smaller budget, and fewer ads than any modern candidate AND he got the most votes of any candidate ever.  The media is losing control and their ability to drive public opinion.  How did this happen?

The internet and free exchange of ideas is largely to blame.  This is why you see authoritarian moves coming from social media companies.  Twitter banning hate speech, un-verifying gay conservatives that break the mold the left crafted for them, delisting and deleting trending conservative hashtags.  Then on Facebook it is more of the same, posts critical of migrants and mass migration policies are deleted, nationalist posts are deleted under EU “hate speech” laws.  Facebook CEO, Zuckerberg was caught on a hot mic talking with the German leader about their plans to censor the site.  Reddit, a popular forum site, has suddenly changed their sorting algorithm after a pro-Trump group quickly became dominate on the site following the Orlando shooting.  This change ensures that it will not rise to the top organically as it once did, and instead anti-Trump boards are being pushed to the top and being designated “board of the day”.


Then we have the mainstream media (MSM) lying to us.  I first noticed this trust between the public and the media breaking down around 2008-2009 with the occupy protests being given no coverage and very misleading coverage.  This is a violation of our public airwaves, the mainstream TV broadcasters have an obligation when using public airwaves to serve the “public interest, convenience and necessity,” as expressed in both the 1927 and 1934 Communications Acts.

Anyway, media continues to lie to us, but you can only fool someone for so long.  You can tell them everything is okay, it’s just fine, don’t worry, but eventually people will look out the window and see things aren’t fine.  It comes as no surprise that trust in the media peeked in 1999, along with our economic conditions, and has been declining ever since.  Here is a chart of public trust in the media as you can see it’s been in decline for awhile now.  Most notably is a 10% drop in 2004 when we were slowly finding our that Iraq was not as easy as we were told it would be.

The real question is can government’s current strategy work?  Is it possible to shut down the free exchange of ideas and censor things you don’t want people to hear?  Is it possible for the media to paint a narrative of Trump as a racist when there is no data or first hand accounts to support such an accusation?   How long can the public be lied to and misled?  Surely not forever.  And that is what WILL cause this tidal wave of change for our societies.  Had the media and government let ideas come and go freely and for the society to change slowly overtime, for politicians to be held accountable for their corruption and lies we might not be here.  But they keep building the levee higher and higher, and as Zepplin said, “If it keeps on rainin’, levee’s goin’ to break”.  Unfortunately this storm is just beginning and there is no end of rain in sight.


The rise of Trump and Sander and their amazing success despite collusion within their parties to hamstring their campaigns, despite the news media openly attacking Trump, and completely ignoring Sanders (even when he had packed stadiums of 30,000+), demonstrate how fed up the American public is.  The rise of outsider candidates, and non-politicians is on the rise, and this trend is here to stay.  The Philippines just elected “The Punisher” who openly called for citizens to shoot any drug dealers they saw in an effort to clean the place up.  The “far-right” and nationalist parties of Europe have been in growing for the past year or two with a massive surge after the migration crisis.  EU skeptic parties and groups that want to leave the EU are growing, with the Netherlands now wanting to adopt a similar EU exit vote that the British will be having later this month.

The rise of these outsiders and more extreme ideas is simply the product of failed policy, policy that could not be criticized and corrected because the media does not allow it.  There is no discussion of trade deficits and secret trade deals on Fox News, no discussion of immigration on MSNBC, no criticism of two decades of failed Middle East interventionism on CNN.  If we don’t talk about topics honestly then we can’t solve problems with legitimate solutions.  Instead you get things like the assault weapon ban that restricted weapons with flash suppressors, or guns with a certain grip, or guns with bayonet attachments.  You get laws that don’t actually do anything but make people feel good.

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum”

― Noam Chomsky

So we instead fall into the media and the two parties system trap of debating things like does a fetus become a person on the 31st day after conception or the 32nd day after conception, or what bathroom should a transgender person should use.

But that is changing, because of this wave of anti-establishment and anti-media that Trump is riding on.  We are now having discussions about immigration, debt, foreign intervention, and visa admittance.  These topics would have fallen on deaf ears in 2008.  In the 2008 debates Dennis Kucinich was given a question about UFO’s, Obama was asked Apple Juice or Orange Juice, and a snowman was asking questions at one GOP debate.  Things have changed and the public is now being exposed to serious ideas and serious policy, which means they are now developing opinions on that policy and discussing it with each other.

This hasn’t yet reached the scale it needs to be though, this is still the beginning.  I think most people still regard the news with some level of trust, but that trust will fade if the media continue down this path.  These are simply the seeds of change.  You can see it in the video below when a young 15 year old black man (Trump supporter) is arguing with an older black man (wearing a black lives matter shirt) and the young man argues with reason and logic.  The only thing the older man can do is get loud, emotional, and personal.  These are the seeds of change, the youth distrust the media by a 20% greater margin than their parents.  Hopefully people are getting skeptical and seeking out facts on their own, but I think what is more likely, and more dangerous is that youth are simply turning to social media which can be just as controlled as mainstream media.

The Brexit (UK’s vote to leave the EU) is on June 23rd.  Polls have been sliding for the Remain in EU team and showed them with a 4 point deficit in a recent one I saw (meaning more favor exit).  So what would any person wanting to leave do?  Kill a politician?  Well this has supposedly happened.  I think this is all a bullshit scam to keep the UK in the EU and generate sympathy for the Remain campaign.

The story is fishy and has the attacker screaming “Britain first” (a Trumpism) before attacking.  The MP he killed was a women who was pro-immigration, pro-EU and I’m sure the media will be filled with remembrances of her policies and how great pro-immigration is for the UK.  Basically more propaganda.  It’s a shame she is dead, but I doubt this guy did it alone, unassisted.  The murderer has nothing to gain here, the Remain camp has A LOT to gain.  Most things I read from UK people that want to leave seem to hint that they think the vote is rigged.  No matter what the UK won’t be allowed to leave.  The EU has a history of anti-democratic moves like this including…  Delaying the vote, suspending the vote.  Re-doing the vote to get the correct result.  Not letting politicians take office even though they are rightly elected.  They even assassinated an anti-immigration presidential candidate in the Netherlands when it became clear he was going to win back in early 2002.  His name was Pim Fortuyn and he died 9 days before the election, and the assassin justified his killing saying, [he murdered Fortuyn to stop him from exploiting Muslims as “scapegoats” and targeting “the weak members of society”] Now look at me with a straight face and tell me the DNC and the media are not working together to give some whack job the motivation/justification to assassinate Trump by declaring him the next Hitler.  You would kill Hitler if you could right?  Fortuyn’s assassin was released form jail in May 2014.  Anyway…the EU is anti-democratic and the UK must leave for it’s own good.

Not only is the American psyche changing, but the world; politically, economically, and diplomatically is changing too.  The EU is pushing forward plans to make an EU army.  NATO has troops stationed at bases in a ring around Russia, why?  Russia was our ally in WW2, we should be on good terms with Russia.  They don’t like Islamist extremists either.  But the Russian refusal to join the globalist and forfeit their sovereignty has the “West” feeling threatened.  You may have heard about the Russian invasion of Ukraine a few years back, and the annexation of Crimea, and “Russian aggression”.  What you didn’t heard on the news was that, Crimea is Russian ethnically and in language.  That Crimean citizens VOTED to join Russia with a margin like 88%.  That the Ukraine government is full of corruption and is mostly a Western puppet.  That state department officials said in a leaked phone call “Fuck the EU.” during this fiasco.

Now we have this “Russian leak” of the DNC servers that the DNC claims Russia hacked into.  This is propaganda.  The hacker group released the leak and strangely it was only attack ads on Trump, that’s all they found in the DNC servers apparently was attack ads and a small donor list.  This was obviously put out by the DNC, even Trump agrees.  There is nothing incriminating of the DNC in the leak, just really weak attack ads on Trump, for example, that he grew up in a white neighborhood or that his ex-wife said he has a 9 inch pecker.  This serves not only to attack Trump but to sour Russian relations in the eyes of the public.  Russia denies hacking the DNC.  Luckily for NATO they recently decided to include cyber threats as part of their conditions that could trigger Article 5, which is the clause that an attack on one is an attack on all.  Basically, all out war.  I’m sure that won’t happen until the EU gets it’s army together, so we got time (a year or two).  Enjoy the peace while we have it.

Meanwhile starting June 6th we are carrying out the largest war game ever since the Cold War a 31,000 troop operation in Poland (on Russia’s border).  I guess it’s always good to be prepared.  You wouldn’t want your troops getting rusty since the last war game was 3 months ago in March in Norway where we had 15,000 NATO troops and nuclear bombers in participation.  NATO said that the exercise in March had nothing to do with Russia…so don’t worry Putin.  Needless to say, Russia feels threatened by this.  I couldn’t imagine why.  Remember when Russia put missiles in Cuba…we were really calm about that.  Remember?

I found out about it from this fantastic Interview of Stephen Cohen (NYU Professor on Russian Affairs) it has his thoughts and reaction from inside Russia.  Would never hear about this on mainstream American news, ever.

Finally, in East Asia the Chinese are reclaiming more land, taking more islands and have extended, in their opinion, Chinese territory all the way down to the Philippines, 800 miles from mainland China. Less than 100 miles from the Philippines.  The Chinese are putting missiles and planes on these islands.  The US and other nations don’t like this, but who can honestly challenge Chinese economic production, capacity, without going to war?  No one, so they will continue to expand until someone stops them.  China also has a staggering gender imbalance with millions more young men than women.  That is a demographic problem that doesn’t solve itself, and angry young men that can’t get a wife usually aren’t very peaceful about things.  They are trying to stem this by importing women from South East Asia, but that’s just a band-aid.  I’m guessing China will either have a domestic revolution, unlikely, or the party will steer the men to attacking a perceived foreign threat.  Things simply do no look stable when I look forward the next few years.