I heard about this story roughly a week ago and it’s finally got some traction on a bigger website, be it a very right leaning website.  I feel comfortable putting it on here only because no one else is talking about it and it deserves to be seen.


I suggest reading it.  We are likely going to see even more stories like this so we better prepare ourselves.   It involves three boys; 7,10, and 14 raping and urinating on a mental disabled 5 yr old girl.  The boys come from two refuge families from Sudan and Iraq that have been in the country for less than 2 years.  The police have sealed the case because it involves minors, and likely, because it would be pretty damaging to Obama and Hillary’s policies. Not to mention it would put Trump in the White House if this ever made national news.

Let’s visit Euroland and see how their policies are going.  Sweden has become the refugee capital of Europe second only to Germany in terms of numbers, but as far as refugees per capita, Sweden has accepted the most by a long shot.  It should come as little surprise that reported rapes have skyrocketed in Sweden in the past decade, and they have become the rape capital of Europe.  See chart below, from 2012 66.5 rapes per 100,000.  In 2014 it was 69 per 100,000.

As is typical of governments, where do they place the blame?  It’s Sweden’s alcohol culture and the refugees can’t adapt to it, so they lose control of themselves when they drink.  Or it’s because of cultural differences between Western and Muslim majority nations, and the Western women are not acting with enough modesty.  Or it’s the clothes women wear, or the neighborhoods they walk in.  It’s anyone fault but the government for allowing these people into the country in the first place.  They skip this whole step in the blame game for some reason, government is incapable of accepting it has done something wrong.

Obama and Hillary would like to do the same thing here in the US, well in fact they already have.  I wrote about it on a previous post where refuges were being brought into the US under the orders of the State Department and they were being placed directly with charity groups and given (taxpayer) money.  The individual states these people were placed in were not notified at all.  Governor Christi even talks about how the State department refused to even tell him (the governor) where these people were in his state.  He said he had to locate the charities and back track though them to find the location of the actual refugees and how many has been brought in.

Meanwhile Loretta Lynch has admitted that the Feds have lost track of the Orlando shooters wife.  Well isn’t this fantastic.  The level of incompetence in our system is outstanding.  They’ve also refused to release Hillary’s emails regarding the Trans-Pacific Trade deal until after the election.  It doesn’t surprise me that the state department has become criminal, it seems everything the Clinton’s touch turn corrupt.  Even their charity is criminal.

In the UK they hold their vote on if they want to sink with the Euro or try to go it alone.  Odd that all the UK broadcasters have stated they won’t do exit polling.  Very strange indeed, why would you not want exit polls for one of the biggest votes in your countries history?  Well exit polls happen to pick up margins of error and detect rigging of the votes fairly easily.  Exit poll inconsistency was one of the main reasons Bernie’s followers were suggesting foul play in the DNC primary process.  Anyway, the rig is in for the UK.  We don’t know the results yet, but my money would be on Remain in the EU, unfortunately.

So the UK is going to have to deal with insane laws like this one…


In the EU robots will be be classified as “electronic persons”.  The robot owners would have to pay social security for their robots.  This is only a draft plan, but it shows the idiocy that is afoot in Brussels.  Nothing would slow down the technology/robotics industry more than legislation like this.