…and there is really not much we can do about it.  The Founders made a grave mistake when they placed the Attorney General under the executive branch instead of opting for independent prosecutors with short term limits.

We see this problem play out everywhere.  Police officers around the country can find immense legal protection from District Attorney’s that simply refuse to prosecute, because prosecution of the police department risks their career, safety, and because police work ultimately determines how successful a prosecutor they can be due to evidence collection, etc.

We have entered this weird zone where we have amassed so many frivolous laws that someone is always guilty of breaking one of them.  Now that we have reached that point, the digression granted to police and prosectuors has become entirely too powerful and they have been easily corrupted.  Put simply the little people get prosecuted and the big people walk free.  Martin Armstrong was held in contempt of court and jailed for not handing over material a Judge insisted he had, for 7 years, without being charged for a crime.  That illegal, but it was done.

Many of our rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights have been eroded away, we are only promised those things on paper but not in reality.  In reality a police SWAT team breaks into your home at 2am with a no knock warrant because of hearsay of a crackhead, the SWAT team throws a flashbang in your baby’s crib nearly killing him and no one is indicted or charged.

Of course, the most notably and recent is the decision not to indict Hillary.  There exists no doubt that people have been indicted for less, there exists no doubt that having a private (uncertified) server in your private residence breaks not only Department Rules, but it is a violation of a multiple parts of US Federal Law, these are just some.

18 U.S.C Sec. 793(f) of the federal code make it unlawful to send of store classified information on personal email.

Section 1236.22 of the 2009 National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

Hillary telling people to send classified material over unsecure methods.

The scary part of this is that foreign government may have access her server and had access to the highest top secret material in all of government.  There is also a good chance that these foreign governments would have enough material to blackmail her, should she be elected.  This creates some very dangerous situations for us as citizens, as our leader may be acting out of their own self interest and not the countries.

We know there are violations of US legal code because we have batches of the emails released by WikiLeaks.  So your next question is likely, “Why wasn’t she indicted?”

The first witness she could call to defend herself would be the president of the US possibly.

An unnamed, anonymous source claiming to be a high level FBI Agent has recently come out and given his take on it.  Like many have suspected he was claiming an indictment would not happen.  There is simply too many people involved and too much at stake.  Clinton used this email server exclusively, she emailed the president, everyone in her Department and the White House.  These people responded to her emails and they KNEW it wasn’t a government email address.  A prosecution of Hillary demands that others are prosecuted as well, and Hillary is likely black mailing them and the “mutually assured destruction” to keep herself safe.

I’ve mentioned here before the corrupt Justice Department was preparing to open closed court files regarding HSBC, where FBI director was formerly a board member.  He has likely been bullied into compliance as well.

It comes as no surprise that there will be no indictment.  Obama announced his endorsement for her over a week ago, and they are currently campaigning together.  Obama is the one who appointed the FBI director and the Attorney General, the two people who can recommend an indictment.  He wouldn’t endorse someone if he knew an indictment was a possibility.  It is just move proof these guys are talking behind the current and are a part of one big club, and we ain’t in it.

The FBI source also pointed out that the email is nothing, it’s small potatoes and in the big picture meaningless.  The real danger and the real crime Hillary has committed is with The Clinton Foundation (TCF).  The source urged people to start digging there and finding stuff.  Old news stories already exist and some have been dug up.  I even blogged about one before.  The State Department under Hillary secured a deal for a Russian uranium miner giving them mining rights over ~20% of America’s uranium supply.  Hillary then flew to Russia and gave a private speech worth several hundred thousand dollars.  The foundation has accepted massive amounts of money from some of the worst, human rights abusing, backwards countries in the world.  What did those countries get out of it?  We can’t be sure, but we do know Libya is decimated, Syria is decimated, and Saudi Arabia somehow is humming along just fine.

The Foundation is set up as a non-profit charity.  Yet it doesn’t carry out independent audits.  Roughly 10% of the money goes into actually charity work.  The rest is distributed in a very complex web of shell companies.

Huma Abedin has said that Hillary’s old calendars have likely been burned.  They were requested because of a discrepancy between the calender’s given to a Freedom of Information Act request, and the meetings we know happened.

A former UN official mysterious died over the weekend as his neck was crushed by a barbell.  It was ruled an accident.  He was set to testify the very next day about funneling money into the DNC during the Clinton Administration.  How convenient for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton has committed treason and yet still seeks the highest office in the land.  The establishment protect her, because if she falls, they fall with her.  The DNC falls, the President, the AG, etc. and everything they’ve done comes into question.  Which leads me to the final point, confidence.

Governments around the world hinge on confidence.  People grant them power, the authority to tax, the authority to prosecute/jail, the authority to go to war and draft young men and now women into military service.  If a population loses confidence in their government what happens?  Nothing good is the short answer.

Confidence has been waning for some time now and approval ratings are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel around the world.  I believe the French PM is under 10% approval.  Our Congress is under 10% approval.  The electoral apathy and disenfranchisement within our population is a short term phase I believe.  We will wait around and see if things improve, and if they don’t…well, people will take action.  We are fast approaching the point at which people take action.  You already see it with the rise of outsider politicians, globally.

What happens to confidence when a presidential candidate/politician, skirts out of charges many people think she is guilty of?  What happens when banks fail to suffer any prosecution over the 2007 housing crisis?  What happens when we get dragged into never ending armed conflicts all over the world, we are told it is in our best interest when it feels like it isn’t?  What happens when government promises to keep you safe but terrorists blow up the WTC or gun down people in a nightclub?  What happens when the robust economy you put the government in charge of slows to a crawl as the labor force declines, and food stamp recipients go up?

Confidence in government falls. It’s been falling for awhile now.  We can’t be sure what the outcome might be.

I think our markets will do great for the near year or two as people around the world look to the US for safety.  But I can absolutely see us getting pushed into war with Russia or China should Hillary win.  And regardless of who wins there is so much institutional corruption that it may not even matter.  Additionally, both leaders would be wildly unpopular, so civil unrest is more than likely, it’s practically guaranteed.

Scott Adams has said this election, like all the ones before them, facts don’t matter.  It’s all about emotion and persuasion.  Hillary has labeled Trump a crazy racist and it really is hurting his poll numbers.  Despite him being a champion for unsegregated Southern country clubs, hiring black people, and women into position that had never been held by them before.  The term racist somehow sticks, like Adams said, facts don’t matter.

Still in the big picture primary election votes numbers are down 21% for DNC, and up 62% for the GOP.  That is terrifying for Hillary.  She received fewer votes in 2016 than when she ran against Obama in 2008.