Let’s start with where the news started.  FBI director Comey said in his judgement he does not recommend prosecution.  Hillary was called grossly negligent, careless, and other things by Comey.  There is pretty much no question that what she did was illegal, but let’s breakdown why prosecution simply can’t work here.  Number 1, she is a presidential candidate.  She gets indicted on a felony, she can’t run for president, the FBI would essentially be denying American’s the right to vote in a sense.  [I don’t really agree with this because I think Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are stronger and better candidates anyway.]  But regardless of how I see it, others will see this as the FBI stealing the election, and being used for political means.  Number 2, government always protects itself first, no different from any organism it seeks survival above all things.  Number 3, people who go against the Clinton’s have a strange habit of dying early.  Lastly, a trial would take forever and then appeals.

The Anonymous FBI leaker is proving to be very legitimate.  He correctly identified that there would be no indictment, that Hillary had access to, and contained on her server special access programs (SAP) which were mentioned by Comey [basically above top secret clearance programs], and that Michael Flynn was likely to be Trump’s VP pick.  FBI Anon’s post was made before any of those three topics were in the mainstream news.  FBI Anon’s suggestion to the public at large was to dig into the Clinton Foundation, that is where the money laundering, and treason are evident.  When Comey testified before Congress he refused to answer if the Clinton Foundation was currently being investigated.

After Comey gave his recommendation, and the Justice Dept. decided to drop the case against Hillary.  Comey was then called before Congress to be interviewed.  Trey Gowdy and Chaffez put up a great line of questioning and the entire GOP raised some excellent questions, meanwhile the Dems just sort of praised Comey and didn’t ask a single relevant question about the investigation.  Here is what I got out of the testimony.

  • The FBI does not record interrogations and interviews.  They do not make transcripts.  [This is somehow standard practice.]  Thus it is impossible for Congress to request any information from Hillary’s interviews.
  • Comey himself did not take part in the interview, and did not debrief the agents were a part of the interview of Clinton.
  • The FBI can not say for certain that Hillary’s email servers haven’t been hacked by foreign actors.
  • Gmail has a 24/7 security team, Hillary’s email server did not.
  • 110 emails contained classified information at the time they were sent.
  • Hillary did not hand over all her emails that were work-related.  Several thousand were missing.
  • Hillary gave her lawyers access to her emails to determine which to delete and which to turn over to the State Dept.  These lawyers did not have a security clearance, the emails contained classified information.
  • She used numerous devices to access her email.  She used them when she was overseas which is a security concern due to foreign interception.
  • Hostile actors gained access to email accounts of people Hillary was in frequent contract with.
  • Before Congress Hillary lied (perjury) in her previous testimony under oath in Congress.  But the FBI did not include that in their investigation.  Congressman Chaffez has promised a Congressional referral to start that investigation.
  • The Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) was asked what office had classified the material on Hillary’s server.  ODNI revealed that he could not tell even Congress about it.  It was above top-secret.  These are likely the Special Access Programs (SAP).  Whoever makes the program and runs it decides who is able to see it.  This is Borne Identity stuff going on.
  • Comey’s excuse not to indict was lack of intent, Clinton simply careless and negligent.

Other stuff I got out of this while looking into the email thing.  It appears that with Benghazi the State Dept. sat around with Obama trying to come up with the best fake story to justify the deaths of 4 American’s.  A viral video is what they went with.  There were two video’s and they couldn’t decide on which one to use.  Remember this happened in September of 2012, just before a presidential election against Romney.  They were apparently more concerned with how the situation appeared, than the actually facts.

There is an email where Hillary’s aides are requesting a document to be sent.  The document was classified but they were having problems sending it over the classified network so they are instructed to send it non-classified.

12 officers were shot in Dallas, 3 officers in other cities were shot too.  That’s coming on the next post.