All of them including me.  Listening to a Scott Adams interview was a little uncomfortable but I keep saving links, and trying to make appeals to reason and fight the ideological fight with rationality.  But it’s pointless.  Humans aren’t rational.  The more evidence you show someone they are wrong the more they dig in behind their opinion.  It’s amazing how completely irrational we all are.  Including myself.  Like Adams says, if you think you are the only rational one and you are in a world filled with irrational people you’ll go crazy.

It’s an overwhelming.  I think I’m going to stop digging up reasons Hillary is a liar, or corrupt, or disabled.  It’s pointless.  Everyone has a little movie in their head on how they see the world, and trying to change their perspective with rational thought is just hitting your head against the wall.  My whole life I’ve spent trying to be rational and make appeals to reason, completely ignoring the emotional appeals which are actually much stronger and less well know/utilized.

I just now came to this after finishing a Adam’s interview and closing out of ~50 tabs of Chrome with either, blatant confirmed lies from the media, confirmed and suspected wrong doing of Clinton and her foundation, etc.  There is no use, after I read these articles I can still evaluate them, and take something away for myself, but I think it silly to archive them and attempt to make rational arguments with them. I feel better already.

Adams also talks about using systems and not goals.  I think he put into words what my Mom already does in practice.  It’s an excellent attitude, and I’m going to give it a try.  It’s basically brain washing and tricking yourself.

Started reading the Thomas Jefferson biography, what a character he is.  Despite owning over 600 slaves at one time, he did believe in emancipation of the slaves, and tried to get it in the declaration and other laws.  He foresaw it was an practice that would have to end eventually, however one thing he didn’t foresee was that white and black could live together after all.  His vision of emancipation put Slaves back on boats to Africa.  It’s an interesting concept to envision.