———–Hardship Rant—————–

I started connecting some dots between several topics recently that connect things like hurricanes, opiod epidemic, and philosophy.  I am of the opinion that our society has gone soft.  We have lost what it truly means to endure hardship, and it is not exclusive to the US, the world has gone soft.  Human are not well adapted for soft lifestyles, look at the death rates from obesity, diabetes, cancer or the people that drown in addiction to drugs, fantasy (games/porn/TV), or “news”.

Men need to carry a burden in life.  It makes us stronger, it forces us to improve, and without it we die.  Why else are so many men spending money to spend time in places like a gym, where they burden themselves physically to strengthen themselves physically.  Carrying burdens are the entire point of our existence, so it should come as no surprise when someone wins the lottery and their burdens are lifted that their life goes to shit in no time flat.  The rock stars and celebrities, that rapidly go from a nobody to a millionaire often to turn drugs, or have mental breakdowns.  However the stars that maintain a burden on themselves and take responsibility for their own success, (launching a new clothing line, or staying as CEO of their company) always seem to turn out well.

Which is why our society worries me a bit.  People seem to no longer want to accept responsibility, or take on a burdens, or endure pain that is necessary for living.  On NPR there was a story about how dentists are the number one prescriber of pain medications, junkies know it and abuse the system to get the opiods they crave.  It’s a problem, but the real problem is the society that builds “pain management clinics” and tells people they should never feel pain, or never feel sad (depression), or never feel hyperactive (ADHD).  It’s as if we are trying to smooth out all the little ripples that make life unique and replace it with uniform sameness.  Back to the pain killer, we have dentists supplying prescriptions for 20 days of opiods for sore teeth, and we have junkies that never get their teeth fixed so they can keep coming back for opiods.

Our incentive structures are completely wrong, and this has been a fundamental problem in our society and it is already bringing about harm, and I’m certain will bring more.

Which brings me to hurricanes.  People are under a mistaken impression that the government is responsible for bailing you out if you live in a flood plane.  That FEMA is required to come rescue your dumb ass that didn’t evacuate.  That your pets deserve a seat on an airplane or evacuation bus.  The reality is the world, the government and society owe you nothing, and you believe otherwise at your own peril.

The more hardships the government absorb and protect you from the worse off you will be.  By protecting you from your mistakes, the government prevents you from learning from your mistakes.  It creates a level of dependence between you and government.  This weakens not just the individual, but government too as it is incrementally responsible for more and more which costs more and more.

We all grow from setbacks, criticism, hardships, disaster and tragic losses.  We should remember that and face those negative situations with a smile knowing it will lead to something better.   A rule from Anti-fragile is that the more you attack something the stronger it becomes.  So endure the attacks life throws at you, and you will grow stronger.

————Anti Fragile Rant————

Donald Trump’s rise in politics comes to mind.  So does Milo who has been fired probably 4-5 times due to things said and at Berkeley they rioted and started fires when he came to speak, but now has a NYT best seller and “fuck you money”.  Let’s apply the logic of anti-fragility to “white nationalism”.

Something that would have been a joke 3 years ago, got you laughed at, ignored and ridiculed more than anything.  Now a days you will get fired, assaulted, vandalized, boycotted for even arguing that these people have a right to speak.  I worry the critics of, let’s say “white nationalism”, have started such a powerful attack on the people who hold these ideas that they ideas will only get stronger.  The followers will only get more dedicated, and with CNN advertising for the KKK for the past 2 years, these terrible ideas will only increase in their followers.

It does not help that the left insists that we identify everyone by their race, their gender, etc. and throw people into boxes blindly stereotyping every individual in the society.  There is a college club for black students, asian students, hispanic students, but the idea of a club for white students is too much?  What do these leftists imagine white people take away from such a situation?  “That everyone is categorized by race, so I should categorize myself too.”  Then the left has created that which they hoped to eliminate.  The extreme right is a by product of the extreme left and their diversity politics that can’t see past issues like race to issues like the economy that effect us all

It’s a tragic situation.  The problem is the coalition of the left is completely unsustainable, as a group of different groups, they will eat themselves should they power increase.  We see it already where the left eats their own.  They aren’t a long term threat.  However if a white nationalism movement ever were to come about it would be very stable and they would have all the guns, which is not a fun thought to consider.