…they just think they do, and that is what makes them dangerous.

Bannon recently said in a 60 Minutes interview how after the Billy Bush tapes Trump asked all his staff what they thought he chances of winning were.  The political elite, GOP leader Priebus said Trump has two choices, drop out now or suffer the biggest election loss in history.  Bannon said he had 100% chance to win.  The media elite thought it was over, the political elite thought it was over, and every academic elite has a binder full of bar graphs, pollsters and interviews to justify their thinking it was over.  The elite were wrong.

So now I’m watching this documentary about the 2007 crash and have determined we should still be angry about this bullshit cronyism and socialism for the elites.  One interview in this documentary said the banks came to the president and said, we need 1 trillion dollars today, or there will be an economic explosion in the US in a day,  in less than a month the whole world and social unrest will soon follow.  Personally I don’t see why social unrest would follow the banks going belly up.  Depositors are insured by the government, citizens would get their money.  Their pensions would get blown up, the investment banks would get blown up, and the economy would come to a crawl under the economic fear (that happened anyway…so lot of good that did).

On the other hand, maybe economic explosion is good, maybe we benefit greatly from destruction because it makes us stronger and lays bare our weaknesses so that we can improve on them.  Maybe the elites that give the President advice on important issues have no fucking clue, just like the rest of us.  Maybe the elites are operating under the principles of self interest, just like the rest of us.  Maybe they should be subject to the risks they took, just like the rest of us.

The most disappointing thing to me from the 2007 fiasco is the political movements that emerged from them had so much promise.  I supported “occupy wallstreet” in the sense that they were upset about giving money to the banks, I supported the “tea party” for wanting less government spending.  The two groups were never able to find common ground and I’d like to think that in another reality we did, and we became a more united nation.

Now we sit here fighting intensely with each other while the elites continue to pilfer the American people.  It’s is simply not sustainable.  Taking advice from elites who have no skin in the game is a recipe for long term ruin.